Tom Alexander "Penny Arcade and All The Best" CD


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     A legend in the accordion and Scottish Music  
       1. Penny Arcade
  2. Local Hero "Going Home"
  3. The Dark Island
  4. The Flowers Of Edinburgh "Lass O Patie's Mill" "Teetotaller's Reel"
  5. The Jacqueline Waltz
  6. Box And Fiddle Rag
  7. Dolanne's Melody
  8. The Bluebell Polka
  9. Dance Of The Comedians
  10. Margaret's Waltz "Leezie Lindsay"
  11. Da Tusker "Willafjord" "Sandyford Reel"
  12. The Oil Rigger
  13. The Flying Scotsman
  14. The Sands Of Kuwait
  15. The Petite Waltz
  16. The Beer Barrel Polka
  17. Morning Has Broken
  18. The Drunken Piper "Margaret's Fancy" "Archie Menzies"
  19. Highland Cathedral
  20. Veronique
  21. Ashokan Farewell
  22. Nola
  23. Lady Of Spain
  24. Sarah's Song
  25. Auld Lang Syne

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