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From his days at Decca & the 'original' Beltona Records, here's Calum when he was but a boy - well if the booklet photograph is anything to guide by. 20 songs mostly sung in English, all of which are now classed as standards in any modern singers repertoire. But, of course, the songs became 'standards' cause folk like Calum brought them to the attention of a much wider public. Definitely another popular reissue. 1) Wee Highland Glen 2) Joy of My Heart 3) Skyline of Skye 4) Rolling In the Heather 5) Leaving Barra 6) For A Lifetime 7) My Ain Hoose 8) Kishmul's Galley 9) An Island Sheiling Song 10) Faili Faili Faili Oro 11) Sheep Shearing Song 12) Land of Heart's Desire 13) Mull of the Cool High Bens 14) Winsome Mary 15) The Skye Fisher's Song 16) Through the Heather 17) A Clydeside Love Lilt 18) Eilidh 19) Mingulay Boat Song 20) Haste Ye Back

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