Dick Black "Aye On the Road" CD


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1) Britannia Two Step: Jackie's Two Step 2) Gay Gordons: Auckland City Police - John MacDonald 3) St.Bernard's Waltz: Lass Fae Cornhill 4) Ideal Schottische: Chilliwack Barn Dance 5) Swedish Masquerade: Border Medley 6) Party Polka: Balintore Fisherman 7) Military Two Step: Galanthia March 8) Canadian Barn Dance: Miss Elizabeth Purcell's Favourite - Rikki Low's Polka 9) Mississippi Dip: Ma He's Making Eyes At Me - Oh, Johnny, Oh - Put Your Arms Around Me Honey 10) Shetland Waltzes: Sunset Over Foula - Isles of Gletness - Starry Nights in Shetland 11) Boston Two Step: Geordie the Laird of the Land 12) Highland Barn Dance: Kenneth Alexander 13) Reel Pea Strae: Shiftin' Bobbins - St.Ermyn's Reel - Miss Mary Printie - Alex Muir's Reel 14) Waltz: If My World Should End Tomorrow 15) Call of the Pipes: Robbie Shepherd's Welcome to Loch Fyne

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