Dick Black "Come To The Barn Dance" CD


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1) Britannia Two Step: The Bugle Boy 2) Gay Gordons: Leaving the Field - Sam Cleland - P/M Bob Martin. 3) St.Bernard's Waltz: Bonnie Navar Bay. 4) Palais Glide: Kerrera Polka. 5) Swedish Masquerade: Traditional Border Dance. 6) Lomond Waltz: The Oslo Waltz. 7) Canadian Barn Dance: The Northlands. 8) Boston Two Step: Inveraray Inn - The Banjo Breakdown. 9) Party Polka: The Royal Scots Polka. 10) La-Va: Willie Smith. 11) Hesitation Waltz: Bonnie Jeannie Shaw. 12) Eva Three Step: The Fair Maid of Mull - Triumph Street Pipe Band. 13) Continental Waltz: Springtime in Switzerland. 14) Two Step: Imperial Echoes.

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