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The late Lindsay Ross was yet another of the series of exceptionally talented musicians from Angus. During 1960 to 1963, Lindsay and his band made a series of recordings for the Parlophone label. This CD Features 18 tracks remastered from the original EMI studio recordings. As you would expect, such an outstanding accordionist was accompanied only by the finest of fiddlers, in this collection either Angus Fitchet or Angus Cameron depending on the sessio. First Impressions More archive recordings saved for the nation by Ythan. This time 1960 sessions for EMI with a Mr.George Martin producing. Then he went to the next door studio to record The Beatles and our guys got in the van and came home Angus. 1) The Linton Ploughman: Muckin' o' Geordie's Byre - The Squirrel - THe Schoolmaster - The Maid On the Green 2) The Earl of Errol's Reel: The Earl of Errol - Paddy Carey - I Lo'ed Nae a Laddie But One - Captain White 3) Boston Twostep: Dundee Twostep 4) Lochiel's Rant - THe Miller o' Dervil - Ballochmyle Brig 5) Gay Gordons: Miss Laura Andrew - Carnegie's Welcome to Scotland 6) The Montgomerie's Rant: Lady Montgomerie - High Level 7) The Polish Polka - Over the Hills 8) Miss Bennet's Jig: Miss Betty Hunter - Sir Torquil Munro - Athole Volunteers 9) Gaelic Waltz: Morag of Dunvegan - Once I Loved A Fair Maiden - A Rosebud By My Early Walk 10) The Foursome Reel & Reel of Tulloch: Devil's In the Kitchen - The Kilt Is My Delight - The Reel of Tulloch 11) General Stuart's Reel: The Stuart's Rant - The Apple Tree - Bonnie Kate - Timour the Tartar 12) The Border Polka 13) Military Twostep: Leven Lasses 14) Pipe Marches for: Gay Gordons - Donald MacLean 15) Lady Louisa MacDonald's Strathspey - Lady Charlotte Campbell - Mrs.Garden of Troup 16) Argyll's Fancy - Miss Maria Stewart's Jig - Oh Tell Na Me o' Wind & Rain 17) The Frolic 18) Sleepy Maggie

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