Derek Hamilton "There's A Ceilidh Here Tonight" CD


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The wonders of modern technology means that the fairly full sound here is - Derek Hamilton.
And his machines of course.
However that also means that the tempo is pretty spot-on and that's what dancers like, that and a bit of bounce; and that's not too bad either.
When you consider that the tunes are all fairly popular favourites then this might just be winner in many quarters.

1) Grand March: There Was A Lad - Duncan Gray - The Star o' Rabbie Burns.
2) Boston Twostep: If You're Irish - The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo - Madamoiselle from Armatiers - Ship Ahoy.
3) Waltz: These Are My Mountains.
4) La Tempete: Original - George Work - Rakes of Mallow.
5) Mississippi Dip: The Irish Rover - Margie - Baby Face - Maggie - Camptown Races - The Old Folks At Home - Pack Up Your Troubles - Irish Rover.
6) Anniversary Twostep: The Licenced Picnic Hamper.
7) Southern Rose Polka: The Dancing in Kyle.
8) Postie's Jig: Lassie Come & Dance Wi' Me - Big Kilmarnock Bunnet - Bonnie Wee jeannie McColl - Blaydon Races.
9) Chicago Swing: Mack the Knife.
10) Polka Dot: The Steamboat - John Grumlie - Edmund McKenzie of Plockton.
11) Hesitation Waltz: Westering Home - A Gordon For Me - The Rowan Tree - Callin Mo Ruinsa.
12) Duke of Perth: Original - My Love's But A Lassie Yet - Highland Laddie - Lucky Scaup.
13) Victory Waltz: Let Me Call You Sweetheart - In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree - My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean.
14) White Heather Foxtrot: Side By Side - Heart of My Heart.
15) Magic Moments: Roxburgh Castle - Deveron Reel - Seige of Ennis.
16) Kirrie March: Here's To the Gordons - Uist Tramping Song - Mhairi's Wedding - Island Waulking Song.
17) Lomond Waltz: Loch Lomond - Rothesay Bay - Bonnie Gallowa'.
18) Kilbride Barn Dance: The Directors - Tam's Hunting Horn.
19) Gay Gordons: The Hiking Song - Lass o' Bon Accord - Annie Laurie.
20) St.Bernard's Waltz: Ye Banks & Braes - My Love is Like A Red Red Rose - Auld Lang Syne.

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