Marian Anderson's Scottish Dance Band "St Bernard's Waltz" CD


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Another great album from marian and her band but this time set out for couple and set dances.A jaunty jig kicks of the 16 track CD which features Country Dance, Ceildh, Old Time and Social so there are plenty of options for both dancing or listening. All from a compact 5-piece band. 1) Joe MacDiarmid's Jig - 4x32Jig: Original - Black to MacPhail - Gillies' Taxis - Rab Smillie's Jig 2) Kirrie March: Sands of Loch Bee - Lieutenant Colonel D.J.S.Murray 3) St.Bernard's Waltz: Quendale Bay - The Ruby 4) Canadian Barn Dance: Brian Symington - The Kiwi Pipers 5) Flirtation Waltz: Gretna Accordion & Fiddle Club 30th Anniversary 6) Sandy's New Chanter - 8x32Reel: Sandy's New Chanter - The Egg & the Fiddle - Duncan Johnstone - The Tourist 7) Eva Three-Step: Alistair's 60th - The Incorporation 8) New Killarney Waltz: When Irish Eyes Are Smiling - Wild Colonial Boy - How Can You Buy Killarney - Sweet Rosie O'Grady - With A Shillelagh Under My Arm 9) Medley: Orkney - Ernie's Impact - Mr.& Mrs.J.Duncan's Golden Wedding - The New Millstead 10) Edinburgh Mixture: Inner Guard - Calum's Road 11) Jazz Twinkle: Douglas Adamson Polka 12) Gypsy Tap: Dennis Morrison 'The Master' - Marian Anderson's Compliments to Peggy & Les MacKintosh 13) Flowers of Edinburgh - 8x32Reel: Original - Red Wine Reel - Colin Dewar's Hornpipe - Life In the Fast Lane 14) Festival Guide: J.D.Peace of Shoreside - The Jewel In the CFrown 15) Southern Rose Waltz: Farewell to Darling Harbour - Return to the Brandy Wine 16) Hooper's Jig - 8x32Jig: Peter's Peerie Boat - The Kesh Jig - Dusty Windowsills - Simon Thoumire's Jig - Ally Bally - Thunderhead or Jig Brest St.Marc - Willie Walsh's Jig - Boys of Ballymote.

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