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A great five piece band with the traditional line up of accordion, fiddle, bass, drums and piano. First released on LP in the early 1970s and now on CD for the first time. 1)The Hollin Bus Jig; Farewell to the Tay : P/M Sam Scott : Willie Tait 2.)Highland Laddie Reel; Cairney Mount : Month of May : Grant’s Reel : Downfield Reel 3)Polka; O’er the Drills 4)Scottis Waltz; A Scottish Waltz 5)Roxburgh Castle Reel; Original : Miss S.J. Marshall : Gordon’s Favourite : Mickie Ainsworth 6)Kenmure's On And Awa (Jig); Original : The Flourish : Major Mackie : The Families Pride 7)Highland Scottische; Calum Beag : Bert’s Highland Polka 8.)Gay Gordons The Headlands : The Hills of Alva 9)The Mairrit Man's Favourite; The Apple Tree : The Ale is Dear : Sandy Duff : The Kilt is My Delight 10)Miss Haddens Reel; The Stone Court : Wee Todd : A.M. Shinnie : Ann Fraser McKenzie 11)Gay Gordons; Hunter’s Hill : Mr & Mrs Alex Ross 12)Gaelic Waltz; Leaving Lismore : Filoro : I Love the Maiden Fair : The Castle in the Glen 13( Maxwell's Rant; Miss Mary Douglas : Norman Whitelaw : Archie Menzies 14.)Jimmy's Fancy Strathspey; Lord Seaforth : The Smith’s A Gallant Fireman : The Iron Man 15.)Hoopers Jig; Peter’s Peerie Boat : Pet o’ the Pipers : Echoes of Oban 16)Reels; John Murray of Lochlea : The Scholar : Shannon Reel

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