Corries "Peat Fire Flame and Stovies" 2 CD's


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(July 2000 re-release of two earlier albums) 25 tracks: Leezie Lindsay; Braw Braw Lads; Peat Fire Flame; Mormond Braes; Come By The Hills; The White Cockade; The Barge O' Gorrie Crovan; Turn Ye Tae Me; Eriskay Love Lilt; The Wee Cooper O Fife; Lord Gregory; The Poachers; The Bloody Sarks; The Bonnie Moorhen; Birnie Boozle; Country Western Medley; The Broom O' The Cowdenknowes; The Bantam Cock; Dumbarton's Drums; The Standard On The Braes O' Mar; Lucille; Arkinholm; The Blackbird; The Bricklayers' Song; Welcome Royal Charlie. Double CD for the price of one. Fully digitally remastered from the original analogue recordings.

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