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All tracks are taken from a previously released DVD of the BBC TV programme. Disc One: 1) Johnny Lad 2) Sherrifmuir 3) Bonnie Dundee 4) Dark Lochnagar 5) Wild Man of Borneo 6) Ae Fond Kiss 7) Kids Medley: Katy Bardy - Oor Wee School - My Brother Bill's A Fireman - My Granny's In the Cellar 8) Jock o' Braidislee 9) Young Sailor Cut Down in His Prime 10) The Derry Hornpipe 11) The Bricklayer's Song 12) Maggie Lauder Disc Two: 1) Liberty 2) Ca' the Ewes 3) Kid On the Mountain 4) The Barge of Gorrie Crovan 5) Johnny McEldo 6) The Silver Spear 7) Glenlyon Lament 8) Farewell To the Creeks 9) The Bloody Sarks 10) Lock the Door Lariston 11) My Dear and Only Love 12) The Portree Kid 13) The Standard On the Braes o' Mar 14) The Roses of Prince Charlie 15) Flower of Scotland 16) We're No' Awa' Tae Bide Awa'.

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