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A DOUBLE CD In the 1960s Grampian TV broadcast a programme featuring small concert parties performing in a ‘Bothy Nichts’ competition. The programme was hugely popular with northern audiences and several of the competitors went on to make recordings. We released some of these a while ago on two couthy CDs - ‘The Fife Yokels’ and ‘The Angus Cronies’. To help keep these available at a reasonable cost we are now re-issuing them as a double CD pack. CD 1 - THE FIFE YOKELS - 19 tracks - The Wee Cooper o’ Fife : The Bonnie Toon o Ayr : Accordion Solo : Green Grow the Laurels : The Kitchie Deem : Fiddle Set : The Ploughboy : Moothie Solo : Some Wee Stories : The Berry Fields o’ Blair : My Ain Wee Hoose : The Buchan Plooman : Moothie Solo : The Tocherless Lass : There’s a Gey Change There : Bonnie Lass o Bon Accord : Auld Maid in the Garret : Fiddle Set : Twa Heids are Better then Yin. CD 2 - THE ANGUS CRONIES - 16 Tracks - A Musical Thrash : The Buchan Plooman : Fiddle Set : A Scots Song : Sketch - The Sale of Work : Cradle Song / Mason’s Apron : Maggie Cockabendy : Goat of the WRI : Sean Truibhas : Bonny Wee Trampin Lass : I Canna Get A Lad : Moothie Set : Hame o' Mine : Dandy : The Hen’s March to the Midden - Mrs MacLeods Reel : The Grand Finale

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