Iain MacDonald & Iain MacFarlane "The First Harvest" CD


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Iain MacDonald (pipes, flute, whistle, backing vocals): Ian acFarlane (fiddle, backing vocals); Ross Martin (guitar, backing vocals); Kathleen MacInnes (vocals); Phil Cunningham (accordion, piano, cittern); Ingrid Henderson (piano, clàrsach, backing vocals); Allan Henderson (keyboard); James MacKintosh (percussion); Ewan Vernal (bass).

1) The Snuff Wife - Humours of Whisky - The Clumsy Lover
2) Stella's Welcome to Kamloops - John Pellerine's - Miss Girdle - Buntata 'S Sgadan
3) The Northern Lass - The Roses of No-Man's Land
4) Fagail Dhuneidinn
5) Humouors of Cork - Mom's Jig - Annie's Carafe - The Road to Skye
6) The Steamboat - Thomond Bridge
7) 'S E Nochd A Chiad Oidhche 'N Fhoghair
8) Miss Elspeth Campbell - Danced With Me the Beautiful Maiden - The Rejected Suitor
9) The Grren Shades of Gask - Capt.White's - Mike MacDougall's
10) Cus Teahan's - The Battle of the Braes
11) Polkas:
I'll Buy Boots For Maggie - The Ballydesmond - Finnish - Art O'Keefe's
12) Gaol Ise Gaol I
13) Donald MacLean's - The Pitnacree Ferryman - Alasdair Fraser's Welcome To Cape Breton

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