The Bumblebees "Buzzin" CD


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       Another masterpiece from the very original and Bumblebees.This is an extremely talented band whose members fuse various musical styles together and          achieve an excellent result.This album has been enhanced by the addition of a violinist,Liz Doherty ,to the line up.
       1. Old French Reel/Malt On The Optics/The Miser's Purse
  2. Goodbye Eddy Street
  3. The Salt Wedding/Across The Divide/Le Petit Cheval Rouge
  4. De Saint Paul A Terrebonne
  5. The Ruby/Marie Sauce Ton Pain/The Judique Flyer/Charles Sutherland
  6. Miss Catherine Jane Sprees/The Roaring Barmaid/Siney's
  7. Dermot Grogan's Hornpipe
  8. Jimmy's Return/Union Street/Break Yer Bass Drone
  9. Nos Braves Habitants/The Cameron Highlanders'/Daisy's Tune
  10. Den Vindskaeve
  11. Eddie Kelly's/Farewell To Chernobyl

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