Corries " A Complete Vision Of Volume 2" DVD


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The second 3 of 6 BBC TV programmes from The Corries in 1987. Another 23 tracks over 88 minutes that highlight all of the talents of Ronnie & Roy, the singing,multi-instrumentality, the comedy patter and the passion for their work. The first three programmes are on DVD GBPDVD020 1) The Rose of Allendale 2) Lord of the Dance 3) Loch Lomond 4) The Derry Hornpipe 5) Lucille 6) Birnie Boozle 7) Dark Lochnagar 8) The News from Moidart 9) Come O'er the Stream Charlie 10) Barrett's Privateers 11) The Bantam Cock 12) Lock the Door Lariston 13) Parcel of Rogues 14) Mingulay Boat Song 15) The Dawning of the Day 16) Killiecrankie 17) The Lammas Tide 18) The Green Fields of France 19) Rehabilitation Blues 20) Heiland Harry 21) Jock o' Braidislee 22) Flower of Scotland 23) Will Ye No Come Back Again?

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