Red Hot Chilli Pipers "Octane"


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The Brand New Octane represents the high energy, powerful, intense and hopefully inspiring album that the Red Hot Chilli Pipers aspired to create. This album is a continued fusion of traditional tunes and rock classics, taking bagrock to a whole new level which the Chilli Pipers are proud to share with you!

1. La Grange (La Grange/The Green Room)
2. Starlight (Starlight/Charlie Brown)
3. Time For Trad (the Kesh/Old Wullie's Dog)/Merrily Kiss the Quaker's Wife
4. Fat Bottomed Girls (Fat Bottomed Girls/Fat Arsed Lassies)
5. Seven Nations Army (Roadhouse Song/Seven Nation Army)
6. Pressed For Time
7. The Fallen
8. Chasing Love
9. The Way It Is (The Way It Is/Chasing Love)
10. Jump (Jump/Dancing Feet)
11. Neon (Neon/Wee Derek's Song)
12. Everybody Wants To Rule The World (The Bung/Everybody Wants To Rule The World)
13. Wild Mountain Thyme
14. Urban (Rip The Calico)

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