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A very strongly contemporary pipe album, with screaming drones, pulsating bags, and ululating females! Also acid-croft MacCrimmon! Great piping though not for the faint of heart or finger.

Jimi McRae (Highland, Lowland, Border, Arabic and electronic pipes) with Iain McKinna (bass, keyboards, guitar, djembe, drum programming), Neil Warden (electric guitar), Dave Haswell (multi-ethnic percussion), Wendy Weatherby (electric cello), Kirsty Anderson (vocals, electric violin), Nigel Richard (lauto) and Sally Phillips (belly dancer sounds, Zim bells, coin scarves).

1) Electric Lassieland 2) Highland Trance 
3) Belly Dancer Fae Fife 
4) Dornie Bends [fuel injection version] 
5) Buffalo Highlander 
6) Earthdance 
7) Squinting Peter 
8) Mystical Mountains.

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