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CD 1

1) I've Got a Lovely Bunch Of Coconuts

2) Poppa Piccolino

3) The Dam Busters

4) When Your Home With The Ones You Love

5) Someone Else I'd Like To Be

6) He's A Real Tough Guy

7) Bring Your Smile Along

8) Play Me Hearts and Flowers

9) The Yellow Rose Of Texas

10) Hang On The Bell Nelli

11) When You Hear Big Ben

12) The Petite Waltz

13) Sombody Goofed

14) I Only Saw Him Once

15) The Ring Fell Under The Sofa

16) Crazy Mixed Up Song

17) This Ole House

18) A prseent For Bob

19) The Whistling Song

20) Where Did The Chicken Lay The Eggs ?


1)Big Head

2) Friends and Neighbours

3) Domani

4) I Miss My Darling

5) Rain

6) Two On A Tandem

7) Can I Canoe You Up The River ?

8) Oh Little Fish

9 )I Love The Sunshine Of Your Smile

10) Dandelion Clock

11) Have You Made The Day Worthwhile

12) Longing For You

13) Stick It On The Wall Mrs Riley.

14) Daddy's Little Girl

15) If I Were A Blackbird

16) The Flying Saucer

17) London Calls

18) The Night The Floor Fell In

19) Star Of Hope

20) A Hunting We Will Go

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