Bobby MacLeod & his Scottish Dance Band "Tobermory" CD


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A great collection of music from the brilliant Bobby MacLeod. 1. Reels for Reel (The Flowers of Edinburgh, The Teetotallers, The East Neuk o' Fife) 2. All's Polka - Played by Calum MacLean 3. Ceilidh Waltz (My Winsome Mary, Mull of the Cool High Bens, The Mist Covered Mountains, Lullaby O Bhan O Bhan) 4. Singalong Reels (Lewis Lilt, Island Dance, Piper's Refuge) 5. Wild Mountain Thyme - sung by the MacKenzie Sisters 6. Two/Four - Six/Eight (Captain Carswell, Patrick Og) 7. From Duart To The Isles (The Queen Visits Duart Castle, Leaving Lismore, Leaving Barra, Uist My Love, Lewis Land of My Heart) 8. Thro' The Mist To The Dance (Loch Duich, The Maids of Kintail, Duntroon) 9. The Auld Alliance - Played by Calum MacLean 10. Forty Shades Of Gren - Sung by the MacKenzie Sisters 11. Island Scottische (Brochan Lom, The Smith's A Gallant Fireman, Laddie Wi' the Plaidie, Calum Crubach, Mrs Stewart of Grantully) 12. Irish Jiggery (The Connaughtman's Rambles, Roaring Jelly, The Tenpenny Bit, Irish Washerwoman)

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