Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas "In The Moment"


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Alasdair Fraser, recognised internationally as one of Scotland’s leading fiddle players, again combines with the youthful virtuosity of cellist Natalie Haas. In 2004 their first collaboration 'Fire and Grace' (CUL121)) was voted “Album of The Year” at The Scots Trad Awards. This is an equally stunning album Tracks: Valley Of The Moon Reel / Between / Alien Ceilidh / Salamanca / Cuillin Nights / John MacDonald’s / Miss Laura Risk / Giga De Tenerife / Natalie Mariah / Trip To Pakistan / Christina / Cameron’s Capers / Willie Fernie / Rob Fraser’s Welcome To San Francisco. 1. Valley Of The Moon Reel - Alasdair Fraser - Alasdair Fraser 2. Between - Natalie Haas - Natalie Haas 3. Alien Ceilidh - Alasdair Fraser - Alasdair Fraser 4. Salamanca - Natalie Haas - Natalie Haas 5. Cuillin Nights - Natalie Haas - Natalie Haas 6. John Macdonald's - Alasdair Fraser - Alasdair Fraser 7. Miss Laura Risk - Alasdair Fraser - Alasdair Fraser 8. Giga De Tenerife - Alasdair Fraser - Alasdair Fraser 9. Natalie Mariah - Natalie Haas - Natalie Haas 10. Trip To Pakistan - Natalie Haas - Natalie Haas 11. Christina - Alasdair Fraser - Alasdair Fraser 12. Cameron's Caper - Alasdair Fraser - Alasdair Fraser 13. Willie Fernie - Natalie Haas - Natalie Haas 14. Rob Fraser's Welcome To San Francisco - Alasdair Fraser - Alasdair Fraser

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