Kevin Burke, Johnny Cunningham, Christian Lemaitre "Celtic Fiddle Festival Encore" CD


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Kevin Burke (fiddle); Johnny Cunningham (fiddle); Christian LeMaître (fiddle); Soig Siberil (guitar).

1) Ward's Favourite/The Morning Star/The Star Of Munster/Laington's Reel, 
2) La Jolie Bateliere/Rondes De Loudeac, 
3) Hector The Hero, 
4) Mrs. Kenny's/Gowden Locks/Sweeney's Buttermilk/I Haven't Heard From Johnny Yet/Les Ridees Du..., 
5) Up In The Air/Across The Black River/All In Good Time, 
6) Marche Et Gavottes Pourlet, 
7) Johnny's Big Set, 
8) Teolena/Marche De Roskonval/Sandizan, 
9) Ton Bale Pier Baudouin/Dans Fisel, 
10) Farewell To Ireland/Foxhunter's Reel, 
11) Two Andros/Andro Psg, 
12) The Dark Island

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