Buddy MacMaster "The Judique Flyer" CD


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14 tracks: Donald Angus Beaton Set * Alex MacDonnell’s Favourite * Captain O’Kane * St Elmo Clog Set * Memories of Father Charles MacDonald * Paulette Bissonnette Set * The Little Pickle * Trip to Mabou Ridge * E Minor Jigs * Father John Angus Rankin Set * Mrs Ferguson of Reaths * The Second Star Hornpipe Set * The Lockerbie Lament * Duncan Johnstone Set.


Original tracks from the celebrated Cape Breton fiddler. The last train left Judique Station a long time ago but The Judique Flyer, better known today as master Cape Breton fiddler Buddy MacMaster, is still making regular stops.

Listening closely to The Judique Flyer is a rich experience. Each accompanist throws a subtly different light on Buddy’s playing, making you even more aware of the inspiring lilt of his phrasing, his rock-solid timing and the wealth of subtly-integrated graces that make his sound and rhythm sparkle. As with all great players, the origin of their excellence is a mystery but one thing is certain - he has the magic touch!

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