Blazin' Fiddles "Magnificent Seven" CD


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Blazin' Fiddles? And we start off with a rather plaintive piano leading the fiddles into a sedate jig set but have no fear it does liven up and sets the pace for the rest of this third (?) CD. Everyone gets a solo track too so, all in all, a well balanced release. 1) Skylark: The Skylark's Ascension - Balindore - Donald MacLean 2) Miss Johnstone - Rannie MacLellan - Fred's Reel - Frank Gilruth 3) Catriona: April's Child 4) The Donegal Set: Untitles Highland - The Ewe with the Crooked Horn - Con Cassidy's Reel - Miss Johnstone's Reel - Rakish Paddy - The Nine Pint Cloggie 5) Bruce: The Acrobat - The Star 6) Drunk At Night, Dry in the Morning - Dominic McGowan - Breton Tune 7) Aiden: George McHardy - The Grey Dog - The Poker Signature - A Tune for Emily Ball 8) Allan: Dh'fhag lad an Tir Seo - Seanamhac Tube Station - Trip to Errigal 9) Shetland: Stout's Trip to Skea - Da Auld Stoers Back Again - Da Nippin Grund - Bluemull Soond 10) Iain: Skye Air - Aridh nam Badan 11) Murdo: Murachadh nam Gealaich - The Eagle's Whistle 12) Lily Dale

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