Aly Bain & ale Moller "Beyond the Stacks" CD


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A brand new CD by this legendary fiddle player joined on this one by Ale Moller; 16 new tracks 1)Woo'd an' Marrit' A'.Doon da Rooth 2)Perrie Joel's waltz 3)Auld Swaara.Up da Stroods da Sailor Goes 4)Spread Thy Wide Wings 5) Crying Waltz 6) King Marl's March/Devils Polka 7)O'Farrell's Welcome To Limerick 8)If I get a Bonnie Lass/Jeannie Shoke da Bairn 9)Lady Mary Ramsay/Mary Ramsay 10)But Your Hoose and Ben Your Hoose/Da Black an da Broon 11) da Slockit Light 12) hauchdon House/Heave an Go/Da Cross Reel 13)Hector The Hero 14)The Brown Coo

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