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Samba and Scottish bagpipe and drum crossover.On the Greentrax Best Selling album chart - one shop (Waterloo Records, Austin, Texas, USA) alone has sold over one thousand units of the album.Unique and exciting.‘MacUmba, a beast apart from any other Scots ethnic/roots band, and a wonderful one at that. Don’t Hold Your Breath is music to marvel at’ (John O’ Regan)


1) Moonshine,

2) Mo Chuachag Laghach Thu,

3) The Selkie,

4) 6/8, Itapuan,

5) Son De Megalomania,

6) Cullen Bay,

7) Heaven Scent,

8) MacCrimmon’s Lament,

9) Fairy Glen,

10) Lochanside,

11) Sandy’s New Chanter,

12) Just Five More Minutes,

13) Loch Roag,

14) A Man’s A Man,

15) Damp Carpet,

16) Ruby Grant

17) Megalomania.


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