Philomena Begley "VILLAGE IN COUNTY TYRONE" (2 CD)


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1 To Hear The Family Sing 2 Grandma Whistled 3 Medals For Mothers 4 I Don't Believe I'll Fall In Love Today 5 Lucky Old Me 6 Grandpa Tell Us About The Good Old Days 7 Yes, Mam, He Found Me In A Honky Tonk 8 I Love You Honey 9 Big Four Poster Bed 10 Our Wedding Day 11 No Man Is A Mountain 12 Mama's And Daddy's Little Girl 13 Come, Me Little Son 14 Daddy's Side Of The Bed 15 Jealous Heart 16 A Picture Of Me 17 Where Do Babies Go 18 Come By The Hills 19 Old Ardboe 20 Mama He's Crazy 1 A Village In County Tyrone 2 A Pal Like Mother 3 Walkin' Talkin' Cryin' Barely Beatin' Broken Heart 4 Crying Steel Guitar 5 One Is One Too Many 6 I'm Crying My Heart Out Over You 7 Some Ol' Rainy Morning 8 My Mother's Home 9 County Tyrone 10 The Bed You Made For Me 11 Honky-Tonkitis 12 Cottage On The Hill 13 Can I Sleep In Your Arms 14 Light In The Window 15 Route 65 To Nashville 16 You Can't Make Love By Yourself 17 You Are The One I Can't Live Without 18 Still Feeling Blue 19 A Song I Can Sing 20 In God We Trust

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